This week's Nightfall

Weekly Nightfall Strike

The Nexus

The Vex world-eating machine below the Academy has reawakened. Descend and dismantle the Mind that controls it.


  • Epic
    Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.
  • Berserk
    Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage.
  • Small Arms
    Primary Weapon damage is favored.
  • Fresh Troops
    Some enemy squads have been fortified with additional reinforcements.
  • Match Game
    Enemy shields are resistant to all unmatched Elemental Damage.

Weekly Elite Bounties

  • Weekly Elite Bounties icon
    Strike Elite
    Earn Gold Tier Achieved, Silver Tier Achieved, or Bronze Tier Achieved Medals.
  • Weekly Elite Bounties icon
    Earn a Gold Tier Achieved Medal in the Nightfall before time expires.
  • Weekly Elite Bounties icon
    Make a Rainbow
    Rapidly earn Primary, Special, and Heavy Streak Medals to earn Rainbow Medals.


  • Reward Icon
    Unknown Rewards
  • Reward Icon
    Skeleton Key